Baan Chan Yang Resort

Na Tai

Convenient, clean, economical and safe. The atmosphere in the NR park is at the bichamlet bridge near Kasem road. There are 24-hour buses.
-Tourist attractions such as Nanhai, Panya, white beach, etc.
-Standing in the bas holmium NEW
-Phuket airport: there is a free bus
-Black crab seafood restaurant
-The legend of alum bridge: creating a beautiful new world
-No heating Seafood Center, alum Bridge
-Wharf: alum Bridge
-Wat kapok has a football field
-The gate of Phuket
-White wood beach tsunami cemetery in Phuket
-Phuket, Thailand
-Jurassic water park

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Standard room


Air-condition Wi-Fi Bathroom Water Heater Television Refrigerator
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Air-condition Wi-Fi Balcony Bathroom Water Heater Television